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Why Do You Need Social Strategy?

If you are self employed and an entrepreneur, you have more opportunity to achieve your goals then ever before.

The internet has changed and opened the business landscape.  You can now build your brand, make your business thrive, and have a life on your terms.  You can now get your target audience’s attention easily and affordable.  

So, you need a social strategy that will brand you to your right audience with the right content in the right context. Your target audience is key.  Niche is rich and broad is broke.

You no longer have to pay someone else to market you and/or your product’s value.

Social media strategy includes knowing and reaching your audience and being intentional.
1 of the 5 great rules of selling: “Get your prospect’s attention by talking to him briefly about something in which he is interested.” ~Dale Carnegie 1947

You need a strategy so you can reach and help your audience.


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